Silvia S. Ibanez, PLC Overview | Transcription

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Silvia s. Ibanez, PLC Overview Video | Transcription

When I was a little girl, I watched Perry Mason on TV and I wanted to help people. And I saw that he helped people.

Many attorneys gravitate towards the areas of law that they feel comfortable in. I was already practicing as a tax and estate planning professional as a CPA. And I feel comfortable in all the areas that have some kind of financial or economic aspect to it. So most of the cases that I work with are probate and guardianship cases.

I have a lot of experience with tax planning, estate planning, business planning, corporations, contract law, real estate, and elder law as well. And most of my clients are located in central Florida. And I have a core of small business clients that are interested in either starting a business or liquidating a business, or selling a business.

And most of my clients are elderly. They are interested in estate planning or wills and trust.

And the third group would be those clients that need me because they have a disabled family member and they need to start up guardianship.

So any law firm that uses my services in an of council or co-counsel capacity will benefit from that array of experience that I have had.

I think the value in hiring me is that I have had experience in so many different disciplines that help to resolve any kind of legal issue. So, for example, I’m a certified court mediator. I believe in alternative dispute resolution. That will always help to resolve a case, because that is where my mindset is.

But if you bring me on a case because you need my financial expertise– I’m a certified financial planner, I also worked as a CPA, certified public accountant, for over ten years, so if someone needs that financial expertise, I can also bring that to the table.

If someone needs me to explain to parties involved that don’t speak English, and they want to have all that expertise explained in their own language, and their language is Spanish, I can bring that to the resolution of that legal problem.

Through the years most prospective clients enjoy having a 30 minute free initial consultation, so that they can evaluate the situation as far as the attorney’s competence, if they understand the attorney, do they like the attorney. And I like to give prospective clients that benefit.